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Seed to Table Vegan Eatery

Pure. Good. Eats.

Seed to Table Vegan Eatery provides Pure. Good. Eats.   


We moved here only to find very few options in our new home town of Venice.  After months of talking about this, we decided to open our own! So, we present to you Seed to Table Vegan Eatery!

Our Menu is composed of some of our favorite foods that we like to make at home and from our favorite eateries.


The Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyle is growing every day. Our menu will begin to grow over time as we reach more like-minded foodies who appreciate our Pure. Good. Eats


We strive to provide you with the most healthy and appetizing food we possibly can.  Everything we serve at Seed to Table Vegan Eatery is made with whole foods, organic ingredients, purchased locally whenever possible.  

At Seed To Table Vegan Eatery, we provide full vegan meals that can be prepared SOS- No Salt, No Oil, No Sugar - upon request. 


If you love food as much as we do or are looking to begin a healthy lifestyle than Seed to Table Vegan Eatery is for you! 


We look forward to feeding you!


Bon Appétit!


From the Press


“OMG! Everything you make looks so delicious! You need to cook for me!. ” - Jennifer R.


“Your dishes look too good to eat! Not! Give me a fork!”

- Maria S.


“This is going to add so much to Venice!” - George C. 


West Villages Sun! 

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